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  Welcome to senditforward.net, 
   I bet you have seen or heard about every money making business concepts on television or from advertisements thru out the internet. What is really hard you are here thinking about ways to make an extra cash to supplement your current income.   
  This system is by no means of high risk. It has been in existence in many forms for at least a decade. In the early days, it required a lot more time and effort, as well as an investment of a few hundred dollars that no one will probably not do.   
   However, thanks to this aged system and the Internet, it is now virtually AFFORDABLE to do and well worth it! This system has the tools you need and it is able to show you how this senditforward system works it can be done and put it to work in 45 minutes. And once you complete and follow the directions exactly. You will know how powerful this system is. In just a couple weeks you will see your results.

For people that don't have a paypal account go topaypal.comand follow the directions it is simple to set up a personal account (not business account)  and once you are done go to the contact form and fill the necessary info.

Here are the steps you need to be part of this system. This system can be run in one form by bitcoin or be run by a paypal account. If you already have a bitcoin wallet and been using for other services you can skip all of this and go to the the contact form on home page.

For people want to use bitcoin and want to open an account

Step One: Open your Note Pad or Word Pad keep the link to the side to copy and paste all the links with important login information and password information as well verification securities then save it on to your computer.

Step Two:Use this password generator https://www.dashlane.com/features/password-generatorto give you a very very strong password using letters digits and symbols copy and paste to your notepad or word pad while registering to your requirements below.

Step Three:Open a bitcoin wallet https://www.blockchain.com/
This bitcoin wallet have top grade security measures to keep your information safe just follow the verification steps to complete it.
Below is a link to answer the question 
What is bitcoin?
Here is a video link how to open a blockchainwallet please watch the whole video if you are not familiar or uncertained https://youtu.be/W15-3bXda3U

Step Four:Purchasing Bitcoin, Coinbase and CoinMama I recommend you load up $40 worth of bitcoin into your bitcoinwallet in alittle bit you will see why you will need it so you can seemlessly not backtracking your efforts.

Coin base is also a bitcoin wallet i prefer only using it to purchase bitcoin and transfer it to block chain wallet address

CoinMama is not a bitcoin wallet but you can purchase bitcoin and send it to your  blockchain wallet address . (Recommended)

Step Five:Register with Bitpay.https://bitpay.com/card/
Here is a where you are transfering your bitcoin from bitcoinwallet to convert it to your visa card so you can use it any where there is a visa card logo.

Now you are fully set up with the requirements