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You  can go an login PHPWW check out your back office after. Now you can continue to go to link PHPDownlineBuilder .com Go to  Edit Profile and input your User Name from PHPWW and input the User Name into the PHPWW field. Press SAVE and now you are active with PHPDownlinebuilder.


How To Make Money Fast !!

 Here are the steps you need to be part of this system. I am going to be very transparent. How much this system will cost you to be up and running.

Now you just have to complete and activate the other three websites Freeway To Success,Recipe For Success and The One Dollar Thing.and continue input the usernames in the required field.Once it is completed you are now ready to collect any commissions from all four sites. 

Step Two

For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you will learn

Step Four

Step One

  Welcome to MyPHP.biz, 
   I bet you have seen or heard about every money making business concepts on television or from advertisements thru out the internet. What is really hard is ways to make an extra cash to supplement your current income.   
  This system is by no means of high risk. It has been in existence in many forms for at least a decade. In the early days, it required a lot more time and effort, as well as an investment of a few hundred dollars that no one will probably not do.   
   However, thanks to this aged system and the Internet, it is now virtually AFFORDABLE to do and well worth it! This system has the tools you need and it is able to show you how this MYPHP system works it can be done and put it to work in 45 minutes. And once you complete and follow the directions exactly. You will know how powerful this system is. 

The total cost will be is $131.00

People Helping People World Wide is one time $50
Free Way To Success  $15 to start and $5 a Month

Recipe For Success $30 to start and  $20 a month
 The One Dollar Thing $36 to start and $12 a month

Step Three

You will first join People Helping People Worldwide (PHPWW) connect with the person or sponsor who gave you this information click on the sponsors link and join. You will wait until 24 to 48 hours to get an welcoming email. It is a verification email. Explains you are ready to go the next step.